Ar-Jay’s Sharpen’s more then just Blades

“Trust the Sharper tools to sharpen Your tool”


To many of our long time customers this shouldn't come as a surprise but yes we do sharpen more then just Lawnmower blades at Ar-Jay's. To anyone who's socks flew off at that statement prepare you're back up socks to also be blown off because we also sharpen Sheers, Hedge trimmer blades, Chainsaw chain, Some auger bits, Axe's & Hatchets, Flip / Folding / work related Knives & Machete's or swords.. I’m a bit confused usually when people bring me swords but when i say i can sharpen Just about anything i mean it - Blair K

Pricing may very based on the job but below i have included pricing that’s relevant as of 05/22/19

Lawnmower Blades - $13 to $18

Chainsaw Chain - $15 to $20

Hatchet's $17 to $22 & Axe's $20 to $25 (Paint, Polish & Stain extra $ & at customer request)

Sheers - $24 to $30 (Paint, Polish & Stain extra $ at customer request)

Machete's & Bigger Bladed implements - $25 to $50 (usually closer to $25)

Hedge Trimmer Blades - $50 to $80

Knifes - $18 to $24 (No kitchen knifes apart from cleavers or blades gauged larger then 1/8”)

For all other inquiries Contact us at Ar-Jay's at 780-476-0448