Were Going LIVE!... Almost

Its 2019 and were making the move and going 21 century, But were doing it right

We understand that the worlds changing, And its about time we caught up with the world & one of the ways we plan on doing that is through our new website. We hope that the features we put into the site wont just be something that’s like another random sales site, But a tool that you can go back to time and time again that makes your life Easier. Whether your a professional in an industry that uses Outdoor power equipment for a living or a home owner who has never had used a piece of equipment we hope that the site is both educational & informative

“This may sound bold.. But i’m a bold guy, and i’m not going to Bulls*** or cover up the truth. I believe that you deserve better, When it comes to a lot of other shops i feel like i’m being Sold to. Transparency & honesty is important in more then just price & i don’t like the dirty feeling i have come away with from other shops.. Since this site and the shop isn’t just for us but for you, Your feedback and ideas are of the most importance to us. in our Contact & Location section Send us message. We will be reading them and implementing changes to the site as well as our in shop procedures” - Blair K

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Blair Kerenyi