Model #'s & Part #'s - Know this Before you Order a part

“I need a wheel for my Tecumseh Mower”

“If i had a dollar for every time some one came in and asked for a part thinking that they were all the same, i would be really rich”

Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki and Tecumseh all make many different kinds of engines and all the parts on those engines are not the same in fact from 2 almost identical engines may have slight differences that mean’s core parts may differ and may fit differently or not even at all meaning in short, if you don’t know what you need and get what looks right your machine may not have what it needs to work right

the same is true of Lawnmower & Snow thrower manufacturers like Ariens, Toro, Murray and MTD. All wheels aren’t the same all belts wont be the same length and all cables and rubber paddles don’t fit the same way from machine to machine, even if they look right, the difference of 2” on a cable makes a difference

In this guide i will attempt to help you gain a better understanding on Model #’s & Part #’s why there important and why you need to know them

First thing to understand, Most Equipment manufacturers don’t produce the engine and visa-versa

If your looking for an Air filter for say you’r lawnmower, You will first need to find the Model # that is on the Engine because the part your looking for is an Engine part & If your looking for a Wheel That’s a Equipment part meaning the Model # on the Machine is whats required to find that part

Second since all parts aren’t the same companies label their part’s with Numbers rather then Cable or Belt, if they labeled everything with Cable or Belt, my job would be a real challenge looking through box’s of Belts, Cable’s, wheels so on

box of cables.png

With a Model # for either the Engine or the Machine we can do a search and find the Part # of the particular part that your looking for

Here is a quick example of me using our Parts Finder tool to locate a Sears Craftsman Mower and then a particular part

Finding part#'s.png

For those who were really paying attention, i actually looked up a Mower model # to find a engine part and that very much go’s against what i explained before the illustration. Very few mower manufacturers do this but sears craftsman and a few other 3rd party sellers are an exception to the rule… Some times… I could explain why but there's nothing gained by getting into the fine details in this guide :D

Once you have acquired the Part # for either the Engine manufacturer or the Equipment manufacturer you’ll be able to place an order for the part you require.

Alternatively we here at ar-jay’s can lookup parts for you if you are able to provide the correct Model # to us

For any other questions Feel free to get in contact with us, all contact info can be found HERE

Blair Kerenyi