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About Ar-Jay’s

Ar-Jay’s is a Family owned, Family operated shop with the goal of giving a 5 star experience. The family / staff are knowledgeable & can give a full education on any of the products sold as well as a good insight on how other product lines measure up to the brands we provide

From operation to brand and item specifics to parts and service for any and all your outdoor power equipment needs the Kerenyi family and Ar-jay’s 2000 are here to offer the assistance you require regardless of if the product you own is from a manufacturer we carry products for or not

To find out more information about us as individuals and the shop as well as our company & goal check out the About tab above



Quick note to the customer

We hope that the new site is easy to navigate and with a more intuitive feel then our previous web pages, Not all features are currently up and running on our website but they will be soon, Every day we will continue to add features and update the site from your feedback. Additional options will be added, Continue to check back in the weeks and months ahead! - Blair If there are any questions or ideas please contact us at 1-780-476-0448

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